Wish is a E-commerce app that sells very cheap products like $1 earphones and $10 camera. During their design interview, I was given a take-home task to design a feature that would increase sales. 

As a person who never used the app before, I first downloaded the app to explore as a user.





The exploration ended up as a failure to land the product. I took notes of my thought process to figure out why I didn't buy my first product.


My navigation:

Wish Flow.png

As you can see from above, I started to doubt the product especially at review section. I also observed my friends navigate, which I saw a common trend:

  • Many of the reviews do not have images, and without images from past buyers, users don't trust the product. 
  • Many of the reviews just say "good product" which are hard to trust.
  • Users want to see specific keywords like sound quality of the earphones or battery life, but users have to keep scrolling and reading.

From this you can see that:

Trust is a core theme that is lacking on Wish.

+ We need a filter feature like below:

Wish Filter Flow.png

Users can use filters to read only the reviews that mattered like those with images or those with some keywords.


However, before jumping into more research, I asked myself: Users can now quickly see all the reviews with 1 star. Is this bad? I I took the time to draw out the pros and cons and realized that this filter system can be beneficial to Wish and the chart explains why.


Business Flow Chart:





I did a competitive analysis with Amazon to understand how they approached this problem.



  • Organized, Filter by Most Liked Reviews, Filter by Ratings, Search Keywords. 

Pain Points:

  • Search may take too long to build, Only 1 filter can be applied at a time

For Wish, I wanted a way to apply multiple filters at a time. This was very important, because seeing 5 star reviews with images could boost the user's trust in the product.

After a couple of paper iterations, I had the general idea ready.

Final Drawing






The goal here was to make the filters as compact as possible. I also wanted to clearly show that a filter is selected by designing a clicked state. 


Applying 1 filter (image)


Applying 2 filters at a time


Top Reviews

I also wanted to think about how Amazon sorts Top reviews. On Amazon, people can up-vote a review, which would surface the review up. I wanted to implement the same, because this allows the users to see which reviews are more trustable. Here are my first two explorations:


Reddit Style:

  • Simple, but a study show that many people up-votes without thinking, because it's easy and anonymous.
  • If everyone up-votes, then the votes are not trustworthy
  • Instead of down-vote, it should just be a report feature to report wrong reviews

Facebook Style:

  • Comment is very interesting. This can create a community feel in this e-commerce app, where users can interact with one another to gain trust together.
  • I have to consider the cost of building.
  • This can be built in the future. For now, I have to find a better solution.

This is the solution I came up with.



  • Only previous buyers can up-vote or click "Thanks" button.
  • Incentivize users to thank a review by 30% off coupons on our curated items. 
    • Those up-votes will lead to a trustable review which will lead to more users buying the product.
    • Coupons will keep users on Wish and incentivize users to keep buying.
    • Curated items will be less than $5 so this is a sustainable business model.


High Fidelity Design


Here is the high fidelity design (Top, 1 star, Multiple):

Artboard 2.png

I made sure that the colors and buttons are the same style as Wish design pattern: 

design system.png




I asked my friends again for a feedback:

  • Filter is exactly what they needed. They feel like this will definitely increase their chance of trusting the product and buying.
  • Some thought the sound quality icon is unclear. If Wish were to implement keyword filter, they might want to put it as strings and not icons.
  • They felt like Top review is the most useful feature, but comment on reviews would be even more useful. If I had more time with this, I'd explore more to create this community feel for Wish users.

Overall, I felt like I went very in depth on one topic but had a solution that will leave an impact.


*Update: a month later submission, it seems like Wish released an update that looks exactly like mine. I took another exciting offer (from PlayStation), so in the end, everything worked out fine!