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Uber Redesign



Uber has always been my favorite app, but I often have this problem, where I watch my Uber cars drive pass by me. Then the Uber drivers try to U-turn and get back to where I am. If that fails, I receive a call and describe where I am - like I’m in front of this restaurant. I get this quite often.

Through this redesign, I wanted to explore if there are any solutions to this situation.


Persona & Research


Before diving into the problem, I wanted to understand what other users are going through. Rather than doing a survey, I met up with a lot of my friends to ask face to face about their pickup experience on Uber app. I took decent amount of notes, and based on those, I created 3 persona that generalize my friends:



  • Lives in an apartment
  • Ubers to work
  • Uber drivers often pass the apartment entrance and drive elsewhere

What if Rebecca can describe locations beforehand?



  • Works in a busy street
  • Ubers to home
  • Hard time finding the Uber, and the drivers will never find Nick from the crowd

What if the drivers knew who Nick was beforehand?



  • Student at a local college
  • Ubers frequently to hangout
  • Satisfied with the current UX 

What if the feature was optional so James do not have to do it? 


I also wanted to understand what goes through Uber drivers to see if my general direction helps them or not. Some of the important feedback was:

  • Rebecca can specify with great details, but we are always driving so we can't read long text. But it would certainly be very helpful to know which store she is in front of, especially because we know the local areas.
  • Even if we know how Nick looked like, it is impossible for us to look at all the passengers' faces to determine Nick. 
  • Many of the trips end up fine. Is this really worth pursuing?
    • I looked at this with greater detail to see if the stakeholders will care about this problem:
      1. First of all, they should because Uber's core mission is "Transportation as reliable as running water" and the pickup experience seems to be not smooth right now.
      2. Secondly, let's look at how much money Uber will be saving. Let's assume Uber drivers spend, on average, 5 extra minute to come back to the right pickup location. According to TechCrunch, there are 5.5 million rides a day on 2016. Even if we assume that this bad pickup experience happen as little as 0.01% time, 2750 minutes are being lost per day. That is money for drivers to make, for Uber to make, and that is time that riders to get from point A to B. 

Now that we know more about this opportunity and impact, I created a journey map to understand the scope. 


With this, I focused on exploring and solving the two pain points: Location and Rider Looks


The UI


Still working on the article.