Hiroo Aoyama



I visited JUUL HQ to listen to Adam Bowen talk about JUUL.


I was inspired by his effort to help smokers quit smoking. JUUL’s goal is as simple as that. It wants to first be an alternative to smoking and then it eventually wants smokers to even quit JUUL. While listening, I couldn’t help but to think about various ways JUUL could help their users understand their smoking behaviors and perhaps use data to slowly but surely decrease smoking.

I discussed with their iOS and Android developers working on the JUUL app. I pitched them my idea.

They liked it. They wanted me to quickly design a prototype. And so I did.


After that, things moved really fast.


While I really appreciate all this, this happened right before I started grad school. Working for a company or learning in school..

Tough decision. But I truly wanted to learn HCI and Product design from fundamental level and from professors who know vast amount of information in the field. I chose to pursue my grad school life, but who knows - maybe after I graduate, I’ll visit again. Or not maybe. I definitely will. But I hope even without me, they consider building the data visualization to help their users. I truly think it will be beneficial.

Thank you JUUL for listening to my thoughts and vision. Feel free to reach out if you are curious about the thought process that went into making the feature. I made everything in like 2 hours, so I didn’t document anything and that’s why nothing is really on here.