Hiroo Aoyama



Here is more about me

I started college as pre-med. I was always good at math and science, and my parents worked in the medical field. Choosing pre-med was a natural choice.

But then I met some of coolest people in college, and they invited me to go to a Hackathon. There, I planned what app to make and who to target. There, I fell in love with product thinking and design.

3 years have passed since then. A lot has happened. Several internships; many projects; and countless people I worked with. And here I am now: I will be joining Facebook for product design internship in summer 2019.

Below are places where I am active:


I like to go to Hackathon to work with all sorts of people and on all sorts of ideas. Come check out my past awards!



I like to think and write about potential features for apps. I also plan to upload designs from my personal projects there too.



I constantly update my Linkedin. You can check out my past experience, my skills, and my recommendation letters.



Japanese who lived in China and studying in U.S: I was born and raised in Japan till 4th grade. I then moved to Shanghai, China to spend my middle and high school there. My Chinese is still rusty, but I hope to meet more people from there so I can practice the language!

Seriously like product design: I like doing personal projects. Even times when I’m not, I tend to be helping out on my friends’ apps. I just like to get involved and listen to problems they are solving and give my insights on design/ux.

Leading tech clubs in Atlanta: I was previously leading HackEmory at Emory University. We met with Deans at Emory University to foster entrepreneurship and technology with Atlanta Tech Village and other colleges such as Georgia Tech and Georgia State University. Now that I am in Georgia Tech, I am involved in HackATL and HackGT to connect various Hackathon organizations together.