I'm Hiroo, a product designer


I'm Hiroo, a product designer

Incoming Product Design Intern at Facebook.


Previously, I was a UX Design intern at PlayStation.

Intern Project: Improving Web Social.

PlayStation Hackathon: UX & Chatbot.


Here are some fun case studies.

Gaining Trust in

E-commerce app.

Improving Uber's Pick Up Experience.


*Not a workaholic, but I spend my free time on personal projects.

Winning as a Designer at a Hackathon.

Sharing of Economy for Students.

Health Data Visualization with JUUL.

Apple Contact Redesign.


Let's go grab coffee!

I'm currently in Atlanta for my master's program in industrial design. If you are around the area, I'd love to meet and connect. Feel free to reach out to me!

(also, I'm not a coffee fan. I prefer Diet Coke.)

*also, also, currently learning Origami.